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Welcome to The Dalhousie Golf Club

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November 2, 2017 11:15 by ian
Please note that this year's Christmas lunch will be on Monday 18th December. The three course meal will cost only £15 and will be preceded by an optional 14 hole stableford competition on the Burnside Course (first tee-time 09.30). Dress code for the lunch will be jacket and tie (if you wish to purchase a new tie, then the Secretary has a number in stock). Those wishing to participate should either contact the Seniors' Convenor via e-mail, or on the sheet on the Noticeboard. If you wish to play golf, please include your season ticket number.

Programme of Events for the 2018 Sesquicentenary

October 23, 2017 00:26 by graeme

The Captain indicated at the Half Yearly General Meeting that members would be informed of the plans for next year's celebrations.

A newsletter outlining the scheduled programme is attached: 

Dalhousie Events for 2018.doc (28.00 kb) 

Dalhousie Events for 2018.pdf (10.27 kb)

October 2017 Results

October 23, 2017 00:22 by graeme

The current weekly results for October are:  

October Medal [300917].pdf (101.44 kb)

October MWM [111017].pdf (97.95 kb)

October BL Sweep #1 [141017].pdf (100.02 kb)

October BL Sweep #2 [211017].pdf (100.50 kb)

Winter Eclectic 2017/ 2018

October 21, 2017 20:55 by Alan

 - Dalhousie Winter Eclectic Competitions -

 November 5th 2017 to  March 17th 2018


1. Rules of Golf and local Links rules at the time of play will apply.

2. Participants may submit one card per course per week during the duration of the competition.

3. Participants must declare to their playing partner their intention to return a card prior to the start of a round in any particular week. The scorecard indicating competition entry, date, duly signed and witnessed by the playing partner, who must be a local club member, must be returned to the men's competition box whether strokes have been saved or not immediately after each round.

4. A Participant may enter a partially completed card in any particular week provided the appropriate details are entered. In such circumstances and also when members have a 'no return' they shall not be permitted further attempts in that particular week. Infringement of this rule shall lead to disqualification from the competition

5. The Competition Week shall run from Sunday to Saturday inclusive.

6. A maximum of 10 cards may be entered over the period of the competition.

7. The same Rules apply to Winter Eclectic Competitions on all three courses.

8. Handicaps: The application of handicaps shall be as follows -

Championship Course (16 holes) - 2/3 current handicap.

Buddon & Burnside Courses (18 holes)  - 3/4 current Handicap.

Results: Summarised Results for each course shall be circulated as soon as practicable.

To access the results click the appropriate link under the heading Winter Eclectic. 

The Jock Calder Trophy : The Jock Calder Trophy shall be presented  to the player who has the best net score with current handicap in the Buddon Links Winter Eclectic Competition in accordance with the above rules. The trophy and previous winners can be viewed by clicking the engraving record link below. 

The Jock Calder Trophy.pdf (270.15 kb)


October 21, 2017 20:18 by Alan

The Club Championship is a Scratch Competition played over the Carnoustie Championship Course from the White Tees (SSS 75). This Competition takes place annually over a two week period in the month of May on a Matchplay basis. The Webster Baillie Championship Cup and the list of winners can be viewed by clicking on the link below: -

 The Webster Baillie Championship Cup.pdf (295.76 kb)


October 21, 2017 20:17 by Alan

The Club Handicap Championship for the Dalhousie Cup is played over Carnoustie Championship Course from the tees as set for the week (SSS 73 or 74 or 75 ) Full handicap difference applies. The Cup and list of winners can be viewed by clicking on the link below: - 

The Dalhousie Cup.pdf (266.09 kb)


October 21, 2017 20:15 by Alan

The Top Dog Trophy is presented to the Club Member who has the best net eclectic score off current handicap from the two monthly medals of June and September over the Championship Course. Click on the link below for an image of the trophy and a list of winners.

 Top Dog Trophy.pdf (123.75 kb)