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Dalhousie Seniors v St Andrews New Club

September 20, 2017 14:01 by ian
Dalhousie played the second leg of this fixture, seeking to restore some pride following a disappointing 51/2 1/2 defeat over the St Andrews New Course in May. In glorious sunshine, over a beautifully prepared Championship Course, we outplayed our competitive opponents to win 31/2 to 21/2. Not enough to take the trophy overall, but honour was regained & an enjoyable time was had by all. We look forward to next year's return!

Half Yearly General Meeting

September 15, 2017 11:43 by graeme

Members are reminded that the Half Yearly General Meeting will be held in the Hotel on Tuesday 26th September at 8pm.

The formal notice of the meeting is attached: 

HYGM Notice 2017.doc (26.50 kb)

HYGM Notice 2017.pdf (245.60 kb)

September 2017 Results

September 15, 2017 11:40 by graeme
The current results for September are:

September Medal [260817].pdf (101.42 kb)

September BL Sweep #1 [020917].pdf (100.96 kb)

September MW Sweep #1 [060917].pdf (100.23 kb)

September BL Sweep #2 [090917].pdf (100.94 kb)

September BL Sweep #3 [160917].pdf (100.89 kb)

Thornton Trophy Update

September 6, 2017 16:05 by gordonl

The first round of the Thornton Trophy was played over the Championship Course on Sunday. Some excellent golf was played in both ties; a very strong Carnoustie Golf Club team defeated Caledonia to reach the final but, with Dalhousie losing out to New Taymouth, the host club for the tournament will, therefore, be fighting to avoid the ‘wooden spoon’ on September 17th!

September 2017 Results

September 3, 2017 09:26 by graeme
The current weekly results for September are:

September BL Sweep #1 [020917].pdf (100.96 kb)

Dalhousie vs Turnberry Match

September 1, 2017 17:00 by gordonl

In quite superb weather, the annual Dalhousie v Turnberry ‘friendly’ took place on August 31st over the Championship Course at Carnoustie, where a pretty strong Dalhousie line-up ran out winners in a ‘whitewash’ of six matches to nil. In the number one match, Dalhousie’s Honorary Professional Colin Sinclair was in sparkling form as he and Donald Ford defeated Turnberry Director of Golf - Ricky Hall - and captain Peter Rae.


The camaraderie between both clubs was satisfyingly reinforced by a splendid meal in the Hogan Suite of the Golf Hotel. Much banter, consistent leg-pulling by Messrs Cavellini and McColgan and a feast of (often meaningless but hilarious) man-talk meant that the evening just sped by and there were more than a few bleary eyes on the first tee of the Buddon the next morning as the visitors and a handful of Dalhousie members re-engaged in a Stableford competition. Once again, the weather was outstanding and there is little doubt that Dalhousie participants will already be looking forward to next year’s visit to Ayrshire a) to renew battle and b) to reinforce the tremendous harmony between both clubs’ playing members. With so much in common between both the memberships of each and the magnificence of their respective ’big’ courses, this annual get-together is rapidly becoming one of the highlights of Dalhousie’s summer inter-club golfing diary.