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Dalhousie v Edzell.

May 22, 2018 16:30 by gordonl

The return match against Edzell over the Championship Course presented Dalhousie with the Herculean task of overcoming a  five matches to one deficit from the away fixture two weeks previously. The Willock Bowl – one of the home club’s finest trophies – was at stake once again and relatively benign weather (no doubt ordered the previous night by Captain Andrew Turnbull in his prayers!) certainly reduced the possibility of a Dalhousie victory. On a shortened course, Edzell took full advantage of the favourable conditions and ran out comfortable winners by five and a half matches to a half. It was a brave effort by Norman Howie and David Ashford which prevented the whitewash, but the star of the evening was undoubtedly Edzell’s Andy Cooper, whose phenomenal striking and brilliant iron play saw him round in gross 70. Captain Donald Ford and Match Secretary Alan Baird (principally the latter!) held their own until the ninth hole, but three superb birdies on the way back sealed the away victory. The defeated Dalhousie pair were suitably glowing in praise of Andy Cooper’s performance, which – in all honesty – is unlikely to be bettered by any amateur on the big course this season.


The evening was rounded off by another splendid meal in the Golf Hotel, some sympathetic words from Captain Turnbull not REALLY lessening the disappointment of yet another Dalhousie loss, but widespread agreement was expressed at each of the dinner tables that the friendship between the clubs was in ample evidence once again. Edzell have very kindly offered the courtesy of the course to Dalhousie in the three weeks or so of July closures for The Open; given spaces in the home club’s own fixtures and tournaments to allow reasonable tee-off times, all DGC members  can therefore anticipate a warm welcome should a July visit be planned

Dalhousie vs Scotscraig. Captain's Report.

May 18, 2018 12:09 by gordonl

The visiting golfers from Scotscraig were warmly welcomed back (in every sense of the word!) to the Championship Course as Dalhousie  hosted another strong team from Tayport. The Fife side proved to be too good once more, running out winners by five matches to one (Dalhousie’s solitary point gained in two halved matches.)

The first of these featured young Michael Stewart, making his debut in inter-club fixtures alongside Ian Wilson, whose wide experience and words of advice were clearly of great assistance. John MacDougall and Tom Wotherspoon earned the other half point with a very solid performance as the darkness descended on the last hole. (The ridiculous delays experienced – at one point there were TWELVE golfers on the sixteenth tee as the last of four American visiting groups  were not concerned in the slightest at the mayhem they had created by disgraceful slow play – forced the tighter matches to be slowed to a virtual crawl as daylight was lost). Fortunately, another first class meal in the Golf Hotel put smiles back on faces as the obvious enjoyment of the two clubs in each other’s company was reinforced. Hopes are not dulled that “revenge in Tayport” might still be on the cards for Dalhousie in July!

Captain's Match Report Edzell vs Dalhousie.

May 16, 2018 12:07 by gordonl

It is fair to say that Dalhousie’s performance was (in most of the six four-balls) considerably better than that in 2017.  

The new Edzell layout from the back tees is really testing, but – on a lovely north Angus evening - we pushed the hosts all the way in at least four matches.  

Significantly, they still managed to record a convincing victory at the end of the day. The return match in a couple of weeks at Carnoustie, however, will be a different experience for the Edzell squad… the destiny of the Willock Bowl is FAR from being cut and dried. Dalhousie eagerly looks forward to sweet revenge!  

St Andrews New Seniors v Dalhousie GC Seniors

May 10, 2018 19:25 by ian
Dalhousie secured a fine (and rare!) victory against the always strong New Club, winning by 31/2 to 2 1/2. This should put us in prime position to regain the Claret Jug when we host our opponents on September 18 th. Bill Jackson is clearly the man you would want as your partner, as he picked up the rare distinction of winning points at Edzell and St Andrews within 24 hours!


May 4, 2018 16:56 by gordonl

Dalhousie’s first Senior Inter-Club match of the season took place on May 3rd at Blairgowrie. With the Rosemount and Lansdowne still showing the signs of a long, cold winter, the two layouts and, of course, the countless trees which play SUCH a big part in the success or failure of performance, were displaying little evidence of nature welcoming the first week of May to Perthshire. Nevertheless, there was some excellent golf played – by both sides – with the home team running out as victors by four and a half matches to two and a half.


Home captain, Colin Blues, was undoubtedly the star performer, as he put together an almost faultless display from tee to green (his short game was just stunning), finishing up with a gross 71 (net 65) and, with his 82-year-old partner, Bill Farquharson, the two comfortably defeated Donald Ford and Lindsay Hood. The four and two victory would have been close to an embarrassment for Dalhousie, had Lindsay not played some excellent shots himself to prevent TOTAL embarrassment!


As always, the hospitality displayed by the hosts was absolutely superb, with both lunch and a splendid post-match dinner enjoyed by all. Needless to say, the camaraderie enjoyed by everyone who took part did nothing other than reinforce the friendship which has developed over thirty two years between the Dalhousie and Blairgowrie senior members. The latter are, apparently, within just one victory of squaring the overall scores between the two clubs…..the opportunity to stop that in its tracks is presented in June, when Dalhousie play hosts on the Championship course. It could be QUITE a match!!

Prize Winners 2017.

April 11, 2018 16:33 by gordonl

Prize Winners 2017.

April 11, 2018 16:31 by gordonl