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August 2017 Results

August 13, 2017 10:58 by graeme

The current weekly results for August are: 

August Medal [050817].pdf (101.38 kb)

August MW Sweep #1 [090817].pdf (146.09 kb)

August BL Sweep #1 [120817].pdf (102.66 kb)

Club Championship Final

August 9, 2017 13:04 by gordonl

The Club Championship Final Match 2017 due to be contested by George Finlay and Sandy Reid has been postponed until Sunday 27th August.

Members are invited to come and watch what should be an excellent match. Exact time to be confirmed however it is anticipated 10.45 am will be the rearranged time.

Downfield vs Dalhousie

August 4, 2017 09:44 by gordonl
Following the postponement of the first Dalhousie v Downfield match at Carnoustie this season (due to torrential rain), no-one should have been the least surprised when another five-hour downpour began in Dundee as the two teams stepped on to the first tee to do battle in the return fixture.

A solid drenching of the twenty four players was soon underway. Sadly, the Downfield course, looking magnificent, was unable to cope with the amount of water which was falling and, with most groups having played nine holes, the sensible decision was taken and a VERY soggy collection straggled its way back to the clubhouse.

In contrast to the rearranged first match (which Dalhousie lost by four and a half to one and a half), the visitors to Downfield were up in two, down in one, with three all square when the whistle blew; NOT claimable as a victory, of course, but a good Dalhousie performance nevertheless. An excellent meal was enjoyed afterwards, the company and banter was first class, but the Graeme Paton trophy remains the property of Downfield for yet another year. Drat! 2017 might have been the comeback year....

Dalhousie vs Downfield Report.

July 28, 2017 11:00 by gordonl

Following the postponement of the scheduled annual home match against Downfield a few weeks ago (after horrendous rain), there was much satisfaction expressed for Match Secretary Alan Baird’s subsequent efforts to find suitable tee times for the meeting to be rescheduled. Dalhousie pleasure at taking on the Dundee team was short-lived, however, as the home team –on a glorious Carnoustie evening - was soundly defeated by four and a half points to one and a half. The individual scores more or less mirrored the superiority of the visitors, although the sole victory by Donald Ford and Nick Yates was achieved on the eighteenth green, following a real “up and down” matchplay confrontation over the previous seventeen holes. On the eighteenth, however - having played a sensible and well executed second shot to lay up twenty-odd yards short of the Barry Burn - Nick proceeded to execute the ‘shot of the round’ with a magnificent pitch to fifteen inches from the hole. With neither of the opposition producing a final piece of magic in their longer putts to gain a half, the Yates’ grin at such an outcome was thoroughly merited. Such satisfaction may, however, be short-lived, as Dalhousie head to Downfield next week for the return fixture!

Panmure Seniors v Dalhousie Seniors – July 20th

July 24, 2017 11:26 by gordonl

After the splendid victory by the Seniors against Panmure at Carnoustie in May, there was an understandable confidence in the team which headed to Barry for the return match. Unsurprisingly, the stiff test provided by both the hosts and VERY difficult rough made the task much more difficult. As usual, the course itself was in superb condition and the many subtleties of very slick greens were pretty difficult to read for the visitors. There were some splendid tussles, with the last green being decisive in four of the seven ties. As that statement indicates, it WAS a very tight contest and, fittingly, it duly ended all square at three and a half points each.  (That left Dalhousie as clear winners in the 2017 confrontations, of course!)


The hospitality generated by the hosts was, as ever, simply splendid, and it was a very contented Dalhousie team which eventually headed for home. If there was one disappointment, it was the absence of TV cameras…..the companies clearly preferring the minor event at Royal Birkdale to the much more exciting one over Panmure!

Handicap List as at 4 July 17

July 4, 2017 13:43 by graeme

Current handicaps are:

Handicap List July 17.pdf (349.28 kb)