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Half Yearly General Meeting 2018

September 20, 2018 23:37 by graeme

The HYGM will take palce on Wednesday 26th September.

The draft minutes of the AGM on 8th March 2018 are attached: 

AGM Minutes 080318.docx (32.91 kb)

AGM Minutes 080318.pdf (635.38 kb)

Fixture List 2018

April 4, 2018 23:33 by graeme
The fixture list is attached:

Fixtures 2018.pdf (434.65 kb)

Tee Rotations 2018

April 4, 2018 23:32 by graeme
The list of tee rotations for 2018 is attached:

Tee Rotations 2018.pdf (333.50 kb)

Course Closures for 2018

April 4, 2018 23:30 by graeme
The scheduled list of closures for all three courses is attached:

Closure Dates 2018.pdf (468.66 kb)

Annual General Meeting 2018

February 2, 2018 17:46 by graeme

Members are reminded that the AGM will take place on Thursday 1st March 2018 at 8pm.

The formal notice of the Meeting is attached.

AGM Notice 150.docx (88.96 kb)

AGM Notice 2018.pdf (345.79 kb)


The draft Minutes from the 2017 Half Yearly Meeting are attached:

HYGM Minutes 260917.docx (37.49 kb)

Programme of Events for the 2018 Sesquicentenary

October 23, 2017 00:26 by graeme

The Captain indicated at the Half Yearly General Meeting that members would be informed of the plans for next year's celebrations.

A newsletter outlining the scheduled programme is attached: 

Dalhousie Events for 2018.doc (28.00 kb) 

Dalhousie Events for 2018.pdf (10.27 kb)

October 2017 Results

October 23, 2017 00:22 by graeme

The current weekly results for October are:  

October Medal [300917].pdf (101.44 kb)

October MWM [111017].pdf (97.95 kb)

October BL Sweep #1 [141017].pdf (100.02 kb)

October BL Sweep #2 [211017].pdf (100.50 kb)