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Welcome to The Dalhousie Golf Club

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Fixtures for 2019 season.

March 18, 2019 13:15 by Alan

Fixture Card 2019.pdf (195.64 kb)

The Sesquicentenary Rose Bowl

March 16, 2019 13:59 by Alan

The Sesquicentenary Rose Bowl was a new trophy for our 150th year and will be competed for annually. It is awarded to the member with the lowest aggregate score- "(the aggregate of) the better of two fixed ​date rounds on each of the three courses,Championship, Burnside and Buddon, from tees stipulated by the Match ​Secretary". 

The Rose Bowl and list of winners can be viewed by clicking on the link below :-

The Sesquicentenary Rose Bowl.pdf (186.86 kb)

Dalhousie GC AGM 2019

February 10, 2019 12:11 by ian

Please note that this will be held on February 26th at 8.00 pm in the Ben Hogan Suite.

The Agenda is attached, as are the minutes of the Half Yearly Meeting. 

AGM Notice 2019.doc (26.50 kb)

HYGM Minutes 26 September 2018.docx (28.63 kb)


January 28, 2019 14:57 by gordonl

Members will no doubt be aware of the departure of Dalhousie’s Honorary Professional, Colin Sinclair, who has accepted the role of Chief Executive at the Nairn Golf Club. Colin has been a superb member of the Carnoustie Golf Links’ team for twenty years, is steeped in both Carnoustie golf and our Dalhousie history, so it is sad to see him leave after the enormous contribution he has made to members, season ticket holders and countless visitors to the Professional’s Shop.


Derek Cavellini organised a farewell evening out at the Cambustay Hotel in Broughty Ferry, so that club members could wish him well in his new career. It was a hugely enjoyable evening, punctuated with much story-telling, memorable – generally hilarious – conversational gems;  a fitting picture is attached, as Club Captain Donald Ford hands over the Club’s signed Carnoustie print as a ‘thank you’ for his enormous contribution to both the Dalhousie Golf Club and Carnoustie Links.

The Anderson Medal

December 21, 2018 19:14 by Alan

The Anderson Medal is presented annually to the member who achieves the best Net aggregate score in the Spring and Autumn Meetings.

The medal with a list of past winners is shown here:

Engraving Anderson Medal.pdf (434.71 kb)


December 18, 2018 21:18 by Alan

The Club Championship is a Scratch Competition played over the Carnoustie Championship Course from the White Tees (SSS 75). This Competition takes place annually over a two week period on a Matchplay basis. The Webster Baillie Championship Cup and the list of winners can be viewed by clicking on the link below: -

The Webster Baillie Championship Cup.pdf (295.08 kb)


December 18, 2018 20:17 by Alan

The Club Handicap Championship for the Dalhousie Cup is played over Carnoustie Championship Course from the tees as set for the week (SSS 73 or 74 or 75 ) Full handicap difference applies. The Cup and list of winners can be viewed by clicking on the link below: - 

The Dalhousie Cup.pdf (271.40 kb)