The Dalhousie Golf Club
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The Dalhousie Golf Club

Carnoustie HotelA warm, Scottish welcome to the website of the historic Dalhousie Golf Club of Carnoustie.

Carnoustie and its world-famous links have produced champion golfers, budding professionals who emigrated to spread golfing skills to many parts of the world (notably the United States) and Scottish internationalists whose performances have lit up the amateur golfing scene over the years.

The Dalhousie Golf Club has celebrated its 150th anniversary with two widely acclaimed golf events and dinners in March and August 2018.

The principal reasons for pride in its history are its role as a founder sponsor of The Amateur Championship and in the vital parts which a succession of its members have played in the development of the courses in Carnoustie, since Old Tom Morris was invited to upgrade the links in 1872.

It was Dalhousie captain James Wright, for example, who engineered the visit of the legendary James Braid in 1926 so that he might inspect the Championship course and recommend further improvements. The golfing world now knows that, between Braid and Wright, arguably the greatest links course in the world was created and seven Open Championships have amply testified to their brilliance. Happily, 2018 will see the world's finest players return to Carnoustie as the links hosts its eighth Open.

Similarly, the unbridled enthusiasm and perseverance of another irrepressible Dalhousie captain, Jock Calder, were the characteristics required to restore Carnoustie’s greatness in the 1980s and 1990s after its temporary fall from grace following the Tom Watson Open of 1975.

Members now enjoy their golf over the three superbly presented Carnoustie courses. The competitions, inter-club fixtures and friendly encounters with sister clubs in the town, in Angus and nearby Fife bring continuing pleasures every year, while the social side has also been carefully nurtured by a vigilant Council and a succession of enthusiastic captains.

The Dalhousie Golf Club’s past has revealed effort, enthusiasm and determination to make golf at Carnoustie a joyous experience. The present members strive to ensure that will continue for many years to come – and are keen to welcome new members from at home and overseas - to a club both immensely proud of its past and confident of its future.