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With some embarrassment, the editor apologises for the continued absence of edition number five of the Dalhousie Newsletter and, sadly, only has one excuse available this time (as opposed to the five offered in the previous apology!) Having lost his part-time secretary, it has proved very difficult (especially when only the forefinger of the right hand is used on the computer) to do everything demanded within a one-man business and still find time to execute those voluntary tasks promised to all and sundry when paid secretarial assistance was immediately accessible......for example ensuring that a quarterly newsletter for Dalhousie would be produced.

Hopefully the presence of the website has, to some extent, made up for the lack of attention to this vital aspect of the Club's reporting procedures to members. The hope remains that the written word WILL re-appear in the not too distant future.

Nevertheless, for those who have not read edition number four from 2007, please click the link below to download it. Normal service will resume as soon as possible!

Dalhousie Newsletter 4 (53.94 kb)