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Dalhousie Golfers and the Links, Circa 1896

November 25, 2008 10:11 by donald
David Joy, known all over the world for his promotion of golf and its history, and in particular for his reincarnation of Old Tom Morris, honoured us as guest speaker at our 140th anniversary dinner and presentation of trophies.  David generously presented to the club copies of these pictures from an 1896 book on the top courses - possibly the world's first "coffee table book" on golf.  The book gives the Dalhousie Club a tremendous write-up and pictures our historic old clubhouse, sadly now gone, and some of the leading members back in 1896.  We are most grateful to David. (Editor's footnote:- For the benefit of the curious web browsers, the "line-up" in front of the clubhouse includes twelve golfers and twelve caddies. The couple putting out includes the Club Secretary, Mr. Gray, while the wider view is reckoned by the photographer to illustrate the 18th green of the course at that time. Arguments to the contrary will, of course, be sympathetically considered!)
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