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Dalhousie Seniors victorious again!

August 4, 2011 12:09 by donald
The significant - and impressive - improvement in performance by Dalhousie Seniors continues unabated. At a rain-soaked Panmure the victory against the HIGHLY talented home side was by four and a half matches to two and a half. The course had hosted one of the qualifying rounds for the British Ladies' Open at Carnoustie and was in tremendous condition, although - as promised by several of the Panmure members prior to kick-off - the rough was especially difficult. Not only did Dalhousie overcome this potential handicap, however, the abstinence which was displayed beforehand over lunch and drinks ( or should that read drinks and lunch? ) was to the eternal credit of the fourteen seniors who did battle thereafter. Graeme Paton captained the side and, naturally, claimed most of the credit for the win after his pre-match team talk. Bearing in mind the age of many of those taking part, however, its content had been completely forgotten by the time most of them reached the changing room after lunch! ( In any event, the writer met Gordon Adam the following day at the Ladies' Open and, not surprisingly, it was HE who claimed all the glory for his astuteness of team selection and subsequent pairings - aye, right!!!) One way or another, it was a splendid victory amidst outstanding Panmure hospitality - as always. 
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