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Dalhousie 4 1/2 Scotscraig 1 1/2 : Tanner Trophy 1st Leg

May 24, 2013 14:57 by ian

Dalhousie scored a famous victory in the first leg of the Tanner Trophy in challenging conditions on Thursday 22nd May. A bitter northerly swept the course and made it seem more like winter than summer.


G. Paton/J Mitchell - halved

G. Wilson (c)/ B. Stewart - L. 2/1

I. Wilson/G. Forbes - w. 4/3

N. Yates/ M. Watkin w. 2 up

A. McColgan/ B. White w. 4/3

J. Mac Dougall/F. Swan w 1 up 

Dalhousie 4 1/2 Scotscraig 1 1/2 

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