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May 8, 2013 16:16 by John Mitchell

On 6th May, a trio of Dalhousie Seniors were going about their lawful, and usual business of three putting the 15th green on the Championship Course when something highly unusual happened.

A ball suddenly pitched on the green not too far from them - having apparently come from the direction of the marker post behind the 1st green. A few minutes later a slightly embarrassed and apologetic American appeared to claim his ball, trailing a reluctant caddy behind him.

The caddy's explanation was that the American had hit a 3 iron 220 yards into a fairly strong wind as his second shot on the 1st hole - clearing the green (and the mounds behind it) by 60 yards.

What the American said to his caddy is not recorded.

Was club selection the problem or could it have been a wrong yardage?  Whatever, better to just BLAME THE CADDY.


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