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June 11, 2013 10:33 by John Mitchell

The Seniors Outing held at Forfar on Monday 10th June was attended by 22 members.

The course was in good condition. The rough could be tough in places and most members found it difficult to gauge the speed of the greens which were very slow compared to those at Carnoustie.

The weather was superb and those responsible for all the food were excellent.

The main prize winners were :-

The Kennedy Cup - John Mitchell

The Reg Neish Trophy - Gordon Liddle

The Tanner Trophy - Earle Smith.

A photograph of the winners is attached.

If you log into the Senior Golfers tag, you can get more information on all the prize winners plus a group photograph.

A special mention and congratulations to Earle Smith, who not only won a main prize but also passed his Buggy Driving Test.

Let me explain. Earle hired a buggy for the day but didn't really know how to drive/control it. After a few tentative efforts outside the Pro Shop and the Car Park (and some "words of encouragement"??? from Dalhousie members), Earle eventually mastered the art, threw away the L plates and was off. After his round, the humps and bumps of the Forfar fairways had taken their toll on Earle's body and he felt a bit "sea sick". 





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