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Half Yearly General Meeting Mailing

September 29, 2013 20:19 by graeme

I understand that some of you have had to pay extra to retrieve your Meeting package from Royal Mail.

I am sorry about that, but, knowing that there were a lot of inserts, I weighed and gauged the filled envelope, and I can confirm that it met the requirements of a "letter" as defined by Royal Mail!

I also understand that some of you may have received 2 AGM notices and no Hotel letter.  This would explain why, having copied the same number of each sheet, I ended up with a shortage of one and a surplus of the other!!  I have scanned the Hotel letter and a link to it is below.

3 members have advised me that they did not receive a discount card.  I have had a letter from Royal Mail enclosing 2 of the 3 missing cards, but there is no indication of how they might have escaped on their own.  I will mail them out again and hopefully this time they will remain in the envelope!  If anyone else is missing a card, please let me know and I will see if they can be found or issue a replacement.

You can now contact me electronically at


Graeme Paton



Hotel Letter re Cwealth Games.pdf (346.72 kb)

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