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Annual Subscriptions

March 26, 2014 16:38 by graeme

At the AGM in February, the Treasurer explained the difficulty in finding a suitable investment for our funds.  The Club relies on the interest from its capital to supplement subscriptions to cover the cost of running the Club and to maintain the capital.  Because of the current low interest rates there would be a shortfall in 2014/15, and to partially offset this, it was agreed to increase subscriptions by a modest amount.

For 2014, subscriptions would be:

 Ordinary Member - £55 (from £50)

 Country Member - £45 (from £42.50) 

 The Club will continue to pay Union and Area fees (£13.80) from these amounts.

 Lady Member - £30 (from £27)


Subscription notices and Club and Seniors match avaiability forms should be with members next week. 



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