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Spring meeting tee times.

May 1, 2014 21:49 by Alan


below are the groups for the Spring meeting to be held on 10 May on championship course, White Tees.

Excellent turnout of members and there is only one space left which is at 1330 hrs. I have put the sheet into the links so if anyone wants to add themseves to 1330 then please phone the starter after the ballot is published on Wed 7 May.  

IMPORTANT - If anyone discovers that they are unable to make it then it is vital that you phone the starters as soon as you can and have your name removed. Telling someone else to do this on the Saturday is no use as others cant then take up your space if they want.

Tee times:-

0630 Angus Hay (909), Aidan McColgan (1294), Sandy Reid (2081), Derek Milne (1020)

1000 Lindsay Hood (901), Graeme Paton, Doug Mitchell, Jim Wallace

1007 Ian Wilson (193), Donald Ford, Derek Cavellini (1209), Alan Baird (3527)   

1015 Gordon Lumsdaine (3899), Frank Swan (1137), Colin Connell (850), Steve Grant (2295)

1022 Stuart Gearty (432), Arthur Coleman (69), Pat Robb (68), Norman Howie (205)

1030 John Mitchell (2474), Brian Carr (1589), Mike Sinclair, Barry Stewart

1037 Brian Morton, Murray Kydd, Stuart Braid, Gordon Adam (706)

1330 Ian Forman (75), David Forman (2536), Gordon Wilson, SPACE.

ALSO- remember to enter the MacKay Tri-am competition by adding your name to the sheet next to the sweep sheet on the day.

Good luck. 

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