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June 6, 2014 10:56 by John Mitchell

Following their narrow 6 - 0 win at home in the first leg a few weeks ago, a confident Edzell team arrived at Carnoustie on Thursday 5th June.

Dalhousie (the then current holders) however, had thoughts of reversing the first result thereby retaining the Bowl.

Club Match Convenor Derek Cavellini had given his team the "Sir Alex Ferguson Hairdryer Treatment", so everyone was fully aware of what was expected.

Unfortunately things did not go to plan. The Mitchells (Doug & John) lost in the opening game and there was no way back from there.

The result on the evening was 5 - 1 to Edzell giving them an aggregate victory of 11 - 1. Congratulations to Peter Field and Bob Geddes for winning our only point.

The Edzell players were excellent company as always and they really enjoyed being on the Championship Course.

The predicted rainy weather didn't happen although there was a severe haar during the last hour or so of play which made visibility rather challenging.

We don't often say this, but the meal in the Hotel was very good and everyone seemed to be happy with what was served.




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