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Annual Dinner - Dress

October 23, 2014 15:06 by graeme

From time to time, the need to wear formal dress at the dinner is queried, mainly on the grounds of additional cost where a member does not own a dinner suit.

While Council understands this concern, it is keen to maintain this tradition.

I have therefore done some research into the matter.  Hiring a dinner suit costs between £35 and £40.  Buying a dinner suit costs £89 (M&S - other cheaper options are available).  So, if you buy a suit, in Year 3 you will be in profit, and the saving will increase year on year.  Provided you don't have any mishaps, the suit is likely to last you for as long as you are able to attend the dinner.  As a bonus, you might be able to attend other formal events without the expense of hiring a suit.

 In Year 3, and possibly every year thereafter, I should be happy to receive a drink from you for drawing the benefits of suit purchase to your attention.



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