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Thank You to Ian Wilson.

March 31, 2017 11:44 by Gordon

Following his second term of duty as Captain of Dalhousie, it would be remiss of Dalhousie members not to offer their thanks to Ian Wilson for once again taking on the onerous leadership role and safely steering the Club towards its sesquicentenary celebrations in 2018.

Much work behind the scenes  is inevitably required when the responsibility for careful guidance of any organisation demands both time and thought. Ian has clearly offered these essential qualities to Council and, consequently, ensured that he will leave the Dalhousie Golf Club in the same position of security which he inherited on beginning his second stint 'at the helm'.

Out on the course, he has continued to be a splendid golfer, notably in club competitions; no-one wins Club Championships without possessing both great skill and much determination. In the many inter-club matches, he has been a splendid representative for Dalhousie in its continuing search for golfing success and - equally important- the cementing of long established ties with many of its opponents.

Dalhousie members therefore offer Ian their thanks for his renewed contribution to the well-being of the club and, of course, wish him a 'happy retirement'.

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