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April 5, 2017 11:13 by gordonl

The following message was sent to Bill Thompson, CGC Captain on behalf of the Dalhousie Golf Club: 


The Carnoustie Golf Club, 1842 to 2017


As the 2017 season gets under way, Dalhousie members are becoming increasingly excited at the prospect of their 150th anniversary arriving next year. Meanwhile – just ‘across the road’ – the same enthusiasm is already being generated by our fellow members within the Carnoustie Golf Club. The celebrations of its 175th birthday this year are already in situ, with a substantial internal upgrade of the clubhouse being a major part of its plans. In particular, the signs are that a terrific new “heritage centre” will be the centrepiece of the reconstructed premises, once work is completed.  

At long last, this will put the fantastic story of the Club’s unique – now legendary – worldwide standing in the sport on display to the many visitors who will surely wish to “read all about it” and see it with their own eyes. In particular, the collection of famed members’ medal hauls, won around the world as they took the game of golf to far-flung countries, will surely be a major attraction.  

So… we in Dalhousie scent the excitement of our own celebration in 2018, let us congratulate our neighbouring members in the Carnoustie Golf Club on a fantastic achievement- and a wonderful contribution to both the game of golf and the history of the town of Carnoustie. 

Mind you…..we should warn them that this heart-warming ‘birthday’ greeting is NO guarantee that Dalhousie will be an easy touch in the inter-club confrontations which may lie ahead this season! As ever, we look forward to these with our own feelings of anticipation. Meantime, all Dalhousie Golf Club members wish our Links Parade colleagues ‘just across the road’ a year of joyous celebration.  

Donald Ford

Captain, the Dalhousie Golf Club.


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