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Dalhousie Seniors vs Panmure Seniors.

May 26, 2017 08:33 by Gordon

After heavy defeats to both Blairgowrie and St. Andrews New earlier in the month, the Dalhousie Seniors brought May to a much more acceptable conclusion by soundly defeating Panmure on the Championship Course by five and a half matches to one and a half. Without doubt, Malcolm Lowe was ‘star man’ as, playing in the first match with Graeme Paton, he was heading for a gross 73 or thereabout  - but, sadly, pulled his second at the eighteenth out-of-bounds. The pair had set the barrier high, however, and the remainder of the team (well, most of them!) followed suit with excellent performances.  

The weather was absolutely magnificent, the Championship Course rapidly regaining its ‘normal’ splendour and the post-match meal in the Golf Hotel was also first class. There is huge enthusiasm for the return match at Barry in July, though Captain Ford reminded his team mates that a promised pre-match programme of press-ups, star jumps and pelvic thrusts on the first tee - should further defeats ensue as the season progresses - is NO idle threat!  

“Early to bed” on June 21st is thus the clear instruction for senior team members, prior to the return match against a very strong Blairgowrie side the following day. The taste of another victory would, indeed, be sweet…….


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