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Captain's New Year Message.

December 28, 2017 15:36 by gordonl



2017 seems to have flashed past at an enormous rate (as, to be honest, many of my golfing exploits on Carnoustie Links have similarly done!) but it would be remiss of the captain not to acknowledge the camaraderie (as well as a fair chunk of innocently directed, apres golf ribbing, of course) which he has enjoyed during the year, from many Dalhousie members.


The dawning of 2018, as well as its enormous significance for Dalhousie, seems to have been reached at  extraordinary speed, particularly as the sub-group established to celebrate our 150th anniversary has now – astonishingly – been meeting up for FOUR and a half years. Hopefully, the schedule of events which has emanated from a barrow load of discussions and decisions will, first of all, satisfactorily celebrate one hundred and fifty astonishing years of Dalhousie’s contribution to golf in Carnoustie. Most importantly for your captain, however, will be the anticipated pleasure and pride which club members will derive from all the activities, events and enjoyment of yet another VERY special time in our club’s history.


In recognising the inestimable contributions made by countless Dalhousie names over the years, I would like to offer thanks to both the present Council and, in particular, the members of our sub group for their terrific support over four stirring years of effort. More than anything, however, I would thank all Dalhousie members who have contributed to my enjoyment of the past year and – with total sincerity – I wish you all a terrific 2018 and hope that you will throw yourselves into the programme of celebrations (and enjoy everything that lies ahead for us) during 2018.


With very best wishes,


Donald Ford

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