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April 4, 2018 10:49 by donald

In total contrast to the almost idyllic conditions enjoyed during the Dalhousie Anniversary tournament on March 13th, the ‘season opener’ was as close to a golfing horror show that could be imagined. Freezing winds, driving showers of rain and sleet and the total absence of either enjoyment or quality play made for a pretty awful three or four hours out on the links. Only seventeen hardy – but clearly unhappy – Dalhousie members completed the task of achieving a result from the introductory match which kicked the new season off.


As things turned out, the last couple on the course (Tom Wotherspoon and Campbell Ford) battled their way around to be the only members who completed eighteen holes. Thus, arriving back in the warmth of the Golf Hotel about an hour after all other combatants, little did either of them know that their result was to decide the winner of the whole affair! With the match score tied at 6 points each, Campbell’s victory duly sealed the narrowest of wins for the Juniors.


After a splendid buffet and countless cups of warming tea and coffee from the hotel staff, Mike Sinclair duly collected the trophy on behalf of his fellow ‘youngsters’. The awful conditions endured made the destiny of the Captain’s special award for the ‘shot of the day’ a fairly simple decision to recognise. The aforesaid Tom Wotherspoon’s superb tee shot to four feet at the short thirteenth – plus the holed putt for his two – was widely approved by all concerned.


It is fairly safe to say, therefore, that few will recall the 2018 ‘official’ launch of a Juniors versus Seniors fixture as a season opener with any sense of enjoyment or warmth. Surely, it cannot possibly be subject to worse conditions in the years to come?


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