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Dalhousie vs Scotscraig. Captain's Report.

May 18, 2018 12:09 by gordonl

The visiting golfers from Scotscraig were warmly welcomed back (in every sense of the word!) to the Championship Course as Dalhousie  hosted another strong team from Tayport. The Fife side proved to be too good once more, running out winners by five matches to one (Dalhousie’s solitary point gained in two halved matches.)

The first of these featured young Michael Stewart, making his debut in inter-club fixtures alongside Ian Wilson, whose wide experience and words of advice were clearly of great assistance. John MacDougall and Tom Wotherspoon earned the other half point with a very solid performance as the darkness descended on the last hole. (The ridiculous delays experienced – at one point there were TWELVE golfers on the sixteenth tee as the last of four American visiting groups  were not concerned in the slightest at the mayhem they had created by disgraceful slow play – forced the tighter matches to be slowed to a virtual crawl as daylight was lost). Fortunately, another first class meal in the Golf Hotel put smiles back on faces as the obvious enjoyment of the two clubs in each other’s company was reinforced. Hopes are not dulled that “revenge in Tayport” might still be on the cards for Dalhousie in July!

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