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Dalhousie Social Night

October 18, 2018 17:10 by gordonl

The date of Thursday, November 29th has been fixed for the planned social event in the Golf Hotel. It will feature Gordon Adam’s excellent video of the August 24th celebrations, a presentation by Trevor Williamson on his Simpson family reminiscences and the tremendous history of club making by his forefathers in the Dalhousie garden workshop. ‘Hands on’ putting with some of the ancient, beautifully hand-made clubs will be offered for members to use on an indoor mat, and a light buffet of sandwiches and sausage rolls will be served. An admission charge to cover buffet costs etc. will be applied.


The response from members to the original request for notes of interest in attending has been splendid, so we are looking forward to a good attendance at what promises to be a first class – and hugely enjoyable - evening. ‘Kick-off’ time will be forwarded once arrangements with the hotel are completed. Meantime - put the date in the diary!



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