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John Lindquist

October 19, 2018 15:39 by gordonl

The Funeral of John Lindquist which took place at Parkgrove Crematorium was very well attended by Dalhousie members. The amazing life he led, from the Korean War as a twenty-year old (where he was seriously wounded by a sniper), to a Dalhousie Captain, Secretary, keen golfer and – famously – the donor of his autograph in 1995 to Tiger Woods’ father, when the youngster played his first tournament on the Championship Course as U.S.A. Amateur Champion, ALL deserve to be in a biography of his widespread achievements and adventures. Doubtless, his devotion to Rangers F.C. would also warrant inclusion; indeed, on my last visit to see him, he was still sharp enough to ask me to pass on his condolences to Derek Cavellini for him having to witness the “utter disintegration of Celtic Football Club”!    

On a happier note at a sad occasion, a great story came from Arthur Coleman, who met up with his old pal John Gray, who he has known for fifty-plus years. Indeed John is now a current Panmure member but is one of Dalhousie’s notable ex-members with whom Arthur enjoyed some successful rounds during the 1970s in the Peter Sime competition. John was telling Arthur that he is now 87 (the same age as John Lindquist, with whom he shared many happy times), but confessed to Arthur that his legs are not as supportive as they once were. Nevertheless, John still plays in a threesome - three times a week (albeit not always 18 holes) and one of his playing partners is Tom Hay, a well-known member within the Angus farming community. Tom is 93 and John believes the trio must hold some kind of record. He estimates the collective age of the threesome (third member not revealed)  to be 268!

Coming back to reality, however, Dalhousie has lost another outstanding character, who contributed hugely to the camaraderie, fellowship and atmosphere within the club and on the golf course. He will be missed……





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